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H Piling Test

In this Cor-Tuf UHPC three-day testing event, we poured two 30' beams, one 63' beam, and two 30' H pilings. We also demonstrated the user-friendliness of the product by producing all of the components with industry standard ready-mix trucks.

Cor-Tuf UHPC Remains Perfectly Intact in Controlled Drop Testing

Check out the strength of Cor-Tuf Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) in our most recent drop test. In this test, a 4-inch slab of Cor-Tuf UHPC (cured for 30 days) is set on two iron beams to test the true strength of the material. In the first test, a bowling ball is dropped from a height of 22.5 feet. In the the second test, a 67.5-pound block is dropped from the same 22.5-foot height onto the same Cor-Tuf slab. In both tests, the Cor-Tuf slab remains perfectly intact. Cor-Tuf truly is changing the game when it comes to concrete, delivering superior strength and durability.