The world's best solution (and alternative) for crumbling concrete

The Only UHPC with Proven Ready-Mix Performance

Projects right here in North America. Bridge decks, overlays, joints. We have the testing and historical data for you on these projects, and certified ready-mix suppliers ready to help you make your next UHPC project an outstanding success.
  • Cor-Tuf UHPC is being mixed, transported, and poured using industry-standard ready mix plants and trucks. You don’t have to mix it on site.
  • The batching and mixing times are similar to traditional concrete; typically 8 to 12 minutes. No other UHPC manufacturer is faster.
  • That means no timeouts. And, you get at least 45 minutes of usability while in idle tumble mode.
  • No need for additional ice to cool the mix (other UHPC manufacturers have to add ice, which makes their mixture brittle and damages the truck drum).
  • Also, it’s easy to wash out and clean up the ready-mix drums after use, as you normally would for traditional concrete. Because our mix isn’t as hot as others, the drums don’t seize up.
  • You can even line up multiple trucks for your large-scale pours, resulting in better efficiency on the job site, and shorter closure windows.
  • Lighter weight (and lower cost): we use an average of 265 pounds of steel fiber per cubic yard, versus others requiring an average of 325 pounds.
  • You can use any type of screeding equipment.
  • Cor-Tuf UHPC has a lifespan of 100+ years and is 10x stronger than traditional concrete.
Ready-Mix truck being loaded from conventional concrete silo for GW Memorial Bridge project.
Fort Myer Construction placing and finishing Cor-Tuf UHPC via an industry standard Bidwell machine on the GW Memorial Parkway.
Cold Springs Construction pouring and finishing Cor-Tuf UHPC via ready-mix and vibratory hand screed in Canisteo, NY.

Cor-Tuf UHPC: The Contractor-Friendly UHPC

Cor-Tuf UHPC is contractor-friendly because we have been contractors for years and we know what it means to be contractor-friendly. You don’t have to buy special equipment or learn new methods. We designed Cor-Tuf UHPC to be commercialized and industrialized for standard, everyday contractor practices.

It can be used for a wide range of projects, including restoring failing traditional concrete; joining precast panels; building bridges, buildings, seawalls, and dams; H piles and box beams; and creating intricate but blast-proof architectural facades.

All testing results confirmed by independent laboratory CTL Group.
The ingredients used to manufacture Cor-Tuf UHPC are approximately 80% the same as traditional concrete. It is what goes into the remaining 20% that makes Cor-Tuf unique and innovative. We are absolutely driven to put Cor-Tuf into the hands of as many contractors as possible, because it solves all of the problems inherent in traditional concrete, while at the same time fitting right into the normal contractor methods used to mix, transport, and pour.
State-of-the-Art overlay using standard contractor tools and methods. Your sand, your cement, our UHPC
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See It In Action: Cor-Tuf Ready-Mix UHPC Overlay
Cor-Tuf is proud to present our latest product offering, the Cor-Tuf Ready-Mix UHPC Overlay. Taking advantage of the growing UHPC market is as easy as mixing your sand, your cement and our UPHC in the same ready-mix equipment you already own!!
Our new fully-automated mobile concrete batching plant for Cor-Tuf UHPC has been tested at Dura-Stress, Inc., in Leesburg, FL and is ready for operation. See for yourself how this well-engineered portable batch plant solves the problem of onsite mass production. This results in a consistent process that can be certified by a printed batch ticket for every load produced.

Cor-Tuf UHPC has a 100-year product lifespan.

Cor-Tuf In Action: H-Piling Test
In this Cor-Tuf UHPC three-day testing event, we poured two 30' beams, one 63' beam, and two 30' H pilings. We also demonstrated the user-friendliness of the product by producing all of the components with industry standard ready-mix trucks.
See Cor-Tuf Ultra High Performance Concrete In Action
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