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Aerial View of First Cor-Tuf UHPC Beam

In front of a very interested crowd, here we are demonstrating Cor-Tuf UHPC’s ability to pour full-scale UHPC components with a ready mix truck. The team is producing the first of two 30’x30’x30” beams, which were created over a two-day span.

Aerial View of Second Cor-Tuf UHPC Beam

In this image, the Cor-tuf team is producing the second of two 30’’x30’’x30’ UHPC beams with ready mix trucks. As can be seen here, the ready mix truck had no issues with keeping up with the flow rate demands needed to create the products.

Close-up View of Cor-Tuf UHPC Pourability

See a close-up view of Dura-Stress Inc. and Cor-Tuf crew members guiding Cor-Tuf UHPC into the top of the form for one of two 30’’x30’’x30’ H-Pilings. Cor-Tuf UHPC is being poured from a standard ready mix truck, demonstrating its ability to be used with industry-standard equipment.

First of Two H-Pilings

Here is the first of the two produced H-Pilings being extracted from its form. The extraction of this component was smooth from start to finish and resulted in a nearly perfect product.

Extraction of the Second H-Piling

Aerial view of the extraction of the second H-piling taking place. As was the case with the first piling, the crew was able to also remove it without complication, resulting in a very smooth extraction process and nearly identical end product.

First View of H-Piling Finish

The finish of both H pilings matches that of their steel forms exactly, down to the smallest detail. Because of the extremely small particle size of its primary constituents, Cor-Tuf can be fit into very small and complex areas retaining all detail of whatever it was cast against. This results in nearly limitless finishing possibilities.

Second View of H-Piling Finish

This close-up shows the solid consistency of Cor-Tuf UHPC, making the beam impermeable to moisture. While the fine-grained nature of the mix allows for a variety of finishing and decorative possibilities, Cor-Tuf has 10 times the compressive strength of traditional concrete. A variety of mix techniques can result in 50,000 psi or higher. 

Third View of H-Piling Finish

This view “inside” the “H” shows the beam’s smooth surface. Cor-Tuf hardens within two to three hours and can be handled in eight hours following a pour. Half-strength is produced in five to seven days; full curing is obtained in 28 days. Additional strength can be achieved with increased temperature, steam, or both during curing.