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Cor-Tuf UHPC—Built For Contractors

Today’s world of concrete construction requires efficiency, scale, and repeatability. To achieve competitive pricing and high quality, contractors need to be able to rely on products and methods that deliver results without compromise. Cor-Tuf has established a proven Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) product line designed specifically for contractors—whether it’s ready-mix, plant central, or dry mix. It’s easy to deploy and produces real-world results.

Stand-Out Ready-Mix

Many firms are advertising ready-mix UHPC. But what are the details? Would a contractor be able to handle all these products the same way they mix traditional concrete? Cor-Tuf is experienced in a market where much inexperience exists. Our company leaders have been contractors themselves for decades. They understand the need—and are determined to deliver—the efficient, trustworthy ready-mix concrete process that most contractors are used to. Excessive modification is not necessary.

What makes Cor-Tuf Ready-Mix UHPC superior to that of the competition? 

      • Mix Time – Cor-Tuf UHPC is mixed in an almost identical fashion to conventional concrete being made in central batching plants, in a similar timeframe. Anyone claiming to have ready-mix UHPC without mentioning their hour-plus mixing time is not paying attention to schedule realities. Your Cor-Tuf UHPC can be mixed in under 12 minutes, and then your trucks are rolling.

      • No Ice Necessary – The heat from the UHPC mixing process often requires cooling, which is achieved by adding ice. Cor-Tuf UHPC doesn’t require that. Contractors don’t have to worry about handling ice or ending up with brittle concrete due to an out-of-balance water-to-mix ratio. Simply let the trucks idle as normal, just like traditional concrete. 

      • No Barrel Fatigue – Another detriment of the hot mixing process being used by other UHPC companies is the short lifetime of mixing barrels. With Cor-Tuf UHPC, you won’t have that problem—and the expense—due to barrel fatigue and destruction. 

      • Line Up The Trucks – No waiting on one truck at a time because of special mixing and batching requirements. Contractors need to be able to get the fleet rolling to the job site. Cor-Tuf UHPC is unique in that it enables traditional mixing trucks to get loaded quickly, at scale.

      • Easy to Clean – Pumping pipes may be difficult or impossible to clean using other UHPC products, but Cor-Tuf demonstrates how water alone is able to get machines fully washed and ready for the next job. 

      • Batch Sizing – Cor-Tuf UHPC can be made in any size batch needed for the job. It doesn’t matter whether the job is a maintenance program, a selective repair, or a big installation. Excess product means excess cost. Contractors shouldn’t have to absorb that extra cost just because other UHPC providers require large central batches. 

      • Equipment and Labor – No need to re-tool your existing ready-mix plant. No special machines or personnel are needed for Cor-Tuf UHPC Ready-Mix. Mixing, transporting, pouring, testing, and finishing can be done with the same trucks and the same crew. Don’t get blindsided by special upcharges, required additional consultants, and inefficiencies associated with other UHPC options. Cor-Tuf UHPC has been used in Central and Dry Mix Plant mixing with dozens of Ready-Mix Company partners. 

    The efficiencies of Cor-Tuf UHPC benefit contractors. There are shorter road closures, more reliable scheduling, lighter budgets, and less risk of quality issues compared to the competition. OSHA compliance requirements are also lightened by eliminating onsite mixing, which reduces the need for additional safety personnel. The results are beneficial across the board – a new contractor profit center without additional investment. 

    But don’t take our word for it. Look at the results.

    Use Case: George Washington Memorial Parkway

    Just outside of Washington, D.C., is an ongoing mega-project administered by the National Park Service (NPS) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for the reconstruction of the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Approximately 7.6 miles of this national historic parkway is being rehabilitated. The work includes bridges, roadwork, stormwater improvements, and landscaping. This is the first major project on this section of the parkway since it was opened in 1962.

    The project involves various stages of partial road closures, lane additions, and restrictions on bridges while deck overlays get repaired. These conditions are sensitive to high traffic patterns; shorter closure times are the goal. Nine bridges are being repaired, including deck repairs, bearing fixes, and other maintenance and stormwater features. Heavy civil is meeting historic preservation in Northern Virginia.

    Civil work at this scale requires complex decisions involving contracting, coordination, and design philosophy. Cor-Tuf UHPC is at the heart of the action. 

    The design-build job was awarded to Fort Myer Construction, a company based in the region and taking on its biggest project to date. A big component of success is that Fort Myer is able to rely on Cor-Tuf UHPC to provide a stronger, cost-effective, contractor-friendly material for the bridgework. They are demonstrating in real-time, on a major project, how this material can address the nation’s needs for critical infrastructure. Cor-Tuf UHPC combines superior technical properties with standard installation techniques, resulting in schedule and cost efficiency. 

    Engineering, procurement, and construction teams have been aligned on the benefits of Cor-Tuf UHPC during the contracting process, and the local contractors view it as a success. Miller and Long concrete subs are the boots on the ground handling the material. They’re successfully implementing ready-mix techniques to get bridge repairs done alongside other civil improvements. The ability to mix, haul, pour, and finish Cor-Tuf UHPC just as they would standard concrete is a game-changer.

    The George Washington Memorial Parkway project is just one example of our success.

    Go Ahead and Try It

    Every contractor who uses Cor-Tuf UHPC is pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to handle. It can be seamlessly introduced into existing construction plans. It can be installed by the same crews and the same ready-mix trucks. Using Cor-Tuf UHPC enables contractors to positively change the game while playing by the rules, for small maintenance programs and big infrastructure projects alike.

    Many UHPC competitors are still in the process of figuring out how to avoid lengthy approval procedures and expensive overhead requirements. Cor-Tuf addresses this with the mindset of a contractor borne out of our experience as contractors. Our sister company, AllSite Contracting, deals every day with the need to install high-quality material using known techniques and our own reliable material sources. We have budgets, schedules, and competitive procurement to worry about. We don’t cut corners, but we do think through how to be efficient.

    If you would like a demo or additional information on how Cor-Tuf UHPC stands up in the real world, contact us or look at our ongoing ready-mix projects. The results speak for themselves. 

    Built for contractors and ready for construction. Your sand, your cement, our Cor-Tuf UHPC.



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    Cor-Tuf UHPC—Built For Contractors

    Today’s world of concrete construction requires efficiency, scale, and repeatability. To achieve competitive pricing and high quality, contractors need to be able to rely on products and methods that deliver results without compromise.

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