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Cor-Tuf UHPC: The Most Contractor-Friendly UHPC for Bridge Closure Projects and Beyond

Cor-Tuf UHPC: The Most Contractor-Friendly UHPC for Bridge Closure Projects and Beyond

As we continue to complete more projects with our proprietary Ultra-High Performance Concrete mix design, we are thrilled to see that Cor-Tuf UHPC continues to meet and even exceed our expectations. In our latest project, we demonstrated the advantages of using Cor-Tuf UHPC in a typical bridge closure project. 

The work performed clearly shows the many ways contractors can benefit from working with this advanced concrete solution. Cor-Tuf UHPC delivers in strength, durability, and flexibility, while affording contractors the ability to complete any job using their preferred tools and methods. You get the amazing results that come with Cor-Tuf UHPC without changing your way of working. 

See for yourself: Cor-Tuf UHPC bridge closure project

In one of our most recent projects, we worked closely with the Virginia Department of Transportation (DoT), Corman Construction, Ram Tool, and Premier UHPC on the production and placement of Cor-Tuf UHPC in a typical bridge closure project. We worked onsite in Richmond, Virginia on I-64 to fill the joints between the precast bridge deck panels with our innovative concrete technology. 

The goal with this closure and others like it is to join the precast top deck panels of the new bridge together by filling the joints where the panels meet. Cor-Tuf UHPC has a very strong adhesive quality, making it ideal for connections of this type and for any other project requiring a strong bond. 

For this project, Cor-Tuf UHPC mix was produced on site. We began by mixing the dry constituents from pre-mixed sacks with conventional sand in a dual shaft mobile skid steer mixer. Once mixed, the wet constituents were added and blended into Cor-Tuf CT-25. It only takes roughly 14 minutes on average for the dry powder to blend into a highly flowable cementitious material that is ready to dispense for placement, so our team was able to work quickly. 

Once blended, we moved the mix to a secondary mobile skid steer mixer for transport to the joints for placement. This was easy to do, given how easily and quickly Cor-Tuf can be transferred. The two-machine strategy added even more efficiency—the mixing team focused on continual production, while the placement team got right to work on installation. With 45 minutes of working time, the team had plenty of options when it came to installation. 

Access to the joints was limited on one side of the partitioned bridge, so the team opted to use wheelbarrows to transport the CT-25 from the skid steer to the joint for manual installation in this section. Cor-Tuf flowed smoothly out of the wheelbarrow, with the team using a backing board to guide Cor-Tuf UHPC into the joints with minimal spillage or overflow. 

Cor-Tuf can also be dispensed directly from a mobile skid steer mixer, which we used in areas where we had easier access. Machine placement is extremely efficient. Installation was quick, efficient (minimal waste), and easy (no additional labor required). 

In both manual and machine-assisted installation, Cor-Tuf UHPC flowed cleanly and easily into the joints with nearly zero waste and provided complete coverage of the rebar. The material filled the joints accurately and efficiently, creating a solid, unified surface that will last for decades.  

When you use Cor-Tuf UHPC for a bridge closure project, you get:

  • Class-leading tensile and compressive strength

  • An impermeable, strong bond between precast deck panels

  • Flexibility that allows the bridge to move slightly as needed under loads

  • Cost and time savings from a myriad of efficient, minimal waste installation options

Any way you like it: The many ways to work with Cor-Tuf UHPC

Cor-Tuf C25 is the strongest and most durable UHPC product on the market. It is also the most contractor-friendly. The I-64 project is just one of many bridge projects we have completed with Cor-Tuf UHPC. There are many other beneficial uses for Cor-Tuf Ultra High Performance Concrete, and many ways to install it. The key point to remember when considering Cor-Tuf for your next construction project is that despite the exceptional strength, durability, and flexibility of the material, it is still concrete. It mixes and pours just like its traditional counterpart and works with all conventional concrete machinery. 

We know contractors are a resourceful group. When you’re on the job, you may need to get creative to get the work done. You may also have preferred methods for concrete production, transportation, and installation. Your team may be well-versed in certain tools and tactics. 

Since Cor-Tuf UHPC behaves just like regular concrete, you don’t need special tools or training. In fact, that’s what makes Cor-Tuf so special. It is easy to mix, has a long working time, and it can be mixed, transported, and installed with traditional concrete machinery. So you can do it your way. You’re not locked into a specific framework such as the one we used on our Richmond project

Cor-Tuf UHPC can be used with: 

  • Georgia Buggies

  • Concrete lifts

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Portable mixers

  • Buckets

  • Steel skips

  • Belt conveyors

  • Chutes

  • Concrete pumps

Basically, any machine that has a funnel or a shoot that can be driven around the job site will work for transport and installation. 

Cor-Tuf UHPC is also ideal for more than just bridge closures. Bridge decks, girders, piles, and beams can also be made with Cor-Tuf UHPC, as can any structure normally made of concrete or even steel. In fact, Cor-Tuf is an ideal replacement for steel in many instances. The material is impermeable to moisture and resistant to environmental degradation.Our product also has a low-impact design that can be installed with less effort and waste than steel. Installation causes minimal ground disturbance, making it possible to install structures that can support heavy loads in environmentally sensitive areas.

Cor-Tuf also delivers a similar strength to steel, but with smaller components. Installation can be completed with smaller machinery and less labor, resulting in reduced costs and a smaller carbon footprint. 

In a previous article, we compared Cor-Tuf UHPC concrete piles to steel piles. Cor-Tuf UHPC piles deliver strength on par with steel, but with a longer lifespan. Cor-Tuf is impervious to water and chloride ingress. Exceptional durability translates to reduced maintenance costs. Other cost savings (especially when compared to steel) come from:

  • Less material requirements (smaller components can deliver the same strength)

  • Reduced footing and support requirements

  • Reduced transportation costs

  • Lower lifecycle cost due to longer lifespan

Regardless of your project, Cor-Tuf UHPC is the ideal choice. Contractors now have the opportunity to work with an innovative concrete technology that provides superior strength, durability, and longevity without having to retrain workers or purchase new equipment. Keep doing what you’ve always been doing, but do it better with Cor-Tuf CT-25 UHPC.



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