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Bridge Pillar Construction

Failure Pattern of the Cor-Tuf UHPC Piling After Testing

When the piling failed, it failed in one location with no extreme radiating cracking from the center. This was the only failure point on the piling.



Common Uses of UHPC

The strength and durability of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) are valuable for a variety of applications, from repairing aging structures to creating efficient new designs. UHPC is championed by transportation departments and trade groups (including the U.S. Federal Highway Administration) for its ability to work in situations where traditional concrete is less suitable.

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2022: Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Strength

Concrete is the foundation of modern construction. Its strength and durability enables it to support heavy structures over long periods of time.  Compressive strength is the prominent concrete specification, but tensile, flexural, and other properties can play a significant role in modern designs.

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