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Small Batch UHPC Kits for High-Quality Concrete and Asphalt Repair

Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is known for superior strength and durability. Its headlines have typically been about large infrastructure projects such as multi-lane bridges or building piers, but any size of project can benefit from the properties of UHPC. 

Cor-Tuf has experience with a wide range of use cases, including massive highway overlay projects, residential ready-mix construction, and sidewalk repair, pothole repair, and concrete repairs. Our solutions have many applications: from heavy civil work to small maintenance jobs that can be done in a day.

Regardless of scale, quality is always preferred to a “quick fix.” It’s sometimes tempting to opt for an easy solution for small-scale projects and repairs that may neglect long-term considerations. If the repair work is not done properly, or an inferior product is used, the original problem will likely worsen and expand over time.

Cor-Tuf understands the need to avoid ongoing mitigation or, in the worst-case scenarios, a complete replacement of concrete installations. Our Small Batch repair kits are a UHPC industry first, combining the simplicity of hardware-store solutions with the next-generation strength of our industry’s most durable building material.

Common concrete and patching materials have been used for many years with well-known results. The properties of UHPC positively impact long-term performance because it’s designed to resist the usual deterioration that eventually plagues most repair jobs. It is more durable, resistant to the elements, and stronger than commonly used repair materials. 

Adhesion may be the most significant feature of UHPC as a patching compound. Cor-Tuf UHPC can bond to any surface and create a bond so tight that water and contaminants are not able to penetrate. The previously cracked or damaged area, when properly prepared, will be impervious to new damage because it’s shielded by a material that will outlast the original installation itself. UHPC can bond to virtually any building material, including asphalt, wood, steel, stucco, and brick. 

A variety of repairs can be performed with UHPC small-batch applications. For example, potholes can be filled just as quickly and easily as mobile asphalt, but with better results. Sidewalks, stairs, and other pedestrian structures can be subject to cracking that is better off sealed with UHPC than crumbling over and over. Holes or cracks in walls are also easily addressed, using the same ease of application as stucco or mason’s putty, with superior durability. 

All repairs deserve to be done thoroughly and correctly, and there’s no better solution than a material that outlasts even the initial construction. Not only can UHPC address the deficiencies requiring repair, but it can also better protect the base material from future damage in that location, via its strength and weather-resistant properties.

Perhaps best of all, applying a small batch of UHPC doesn’t require an entire construction crew. It has better results than traditional concrete without added logistics. A few people and standard contractor equipment will be more than enough to get the job done. Just add water.

There are six main components in the mixing batch itself:

  1. Sand
  2. Cement
  3. Cor-Tuf Mix
  4. Steel Fibers
  5. Water
  6. Three Admixtures

A standard Small Batch Kit is two cubic feet. Sand and cement can be purchased from a local store or supply yard, or they can be included in the batch kit (we went to a big box store and bought a bag of playground sand for a recent demonstration). 

The Cor-Tuf mix, steel fibers, and admixtures are the special ingredients, but there’s no special handling or excessive weight. One 94-pound bag of cement is complemented with an 80-pound bag of Cor-Tuf material and 100 pounds of sand. We like to keep it simple with these one-bag ratios, but you can scale based on your needs.

The materials are mixed using a typical machine-mounted mixer, such as a Danuser Megamixer, on the front of a skid steer. Water is proportioned based on use case. Admixtures are added at the end in a particular order to unlock the properties that make UHPC so effective long-term. 

Simply mix the materials in the correct order, run the mixer for 2-3 minutes, and you have ultra-high performance repair material. It’s contractor-friendly to handle, mix, and apply.

Prepare the damaged area the same way you would with any patch job. Clean the affected area and the surrounding surface before applying, to promote the adhesive process. The UHPC should be applied in a way that overlaps the adjacent surface/structure to avoid any microcracks that are already forming from being exposed. If used for a new project, install the small batch mix as you would typical concrete, without letting the steel fibers vibrate to the bottom of the mix before pouring.

Small projects and repairs are no longer dependent on weak materials. Cor-Tuf’s small batch UHPC provides superior durability and resilience in a compact and simple packaged solution. Use common mixing techniques and the same application approach as standard patching compounds and concrete, with no risk of deterioration. Repair it right and prevent cracks from becoming a recurring nightmare. 

Contact us for a Small Batch Kit for your next small project and witness the results yourself. Get an all-in kit or complement your local supplies with your sand, your cement, our UHPC.



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