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Stronger Concrete the Easy Way: UHPC Ready-Mix

Conventional concrete is all around us for a reason. Its workability and performance have been honed by construction crews for generations, used for everything from bridges to building columns to airport runways to two-seater park benches. The success of concrete is built on industry know-how and methods that work.

Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) improves the structural performance of our favorite building material without changing its entire make-up. Strength, weather resistance, and service life are just a few important properties improved by UHPC enhancements. Unfortunately, some industry vendors think that the only way to realize these benefits is to overhaul the entire production approach, rewriting established means of sourcing, mixing, distribution, and construction.

Concrete doesn’t need to reinvent itself. Batch plants already know how to mix and distribute. Ready-mix trucks already reach job sites efficiently and provide an easy method of distribution. So why are some UHPC manufacturers offering a boutique product that can only be assembled using their materials, their equipment, and their oversight? Importing sand, cement, admixtures, and batching equipment adds a big multiplier to an already competitive procurement market. The last thing contractors need is another layer of external requirements impacting their schedule and bottom line.

An ideal UHPC product is compatible with established production methods. It works with local supply chains and gives contractors confidence in their project plans. Contractors can save headaches and dollars because, with Cor-Tuf and only Cor-Tuf UHPC, batching and pouring is accomplished exactly like they have always been, instead of importing a whole new process using new specialized equipment for dramatically extended periods of time. They can avoid logistical challenges and environmental impacts by keeping it simple for your employees and subcontractors.

Cor-Tuf UHPC is a versatile addition to reliable concrete techniques. Our fiber components are completely compatible with our standard mixes which never require specialized sand or Portland cement shipped vast distances. Cor-Tuf CT-25 is batched using the cement and sand from your local suppliers, in your standard storage and mixing plant facilities, all by and with your current employees, supervisors and computerized control systems. Mix it in and pour it from a completely standard ready-mix truck. Maintain the same equipment and relationships built over generations of concrete work, with incredibly better results and no additional hassle.

Conventional concrete has paved its way to success over decades of refinement. Cor-Tuf dramatically eliminates the essential flaws inherent in traditional concrete not by wholesale changes in materials and methods, but by evolutionary changes which build upon all of the hard work and essential research of our ancestors. Cor-Tuf UHPC is the only advanced UHPC that can be successfully stored, batched, mixed, and handled in a conventional batch plant, and transported, mixed, and delivered exactly in the traditional manner and using the same equipment which you are using today. Forming, pumping, spraying, anything your customer requires, with a strength that could only be dreamed of in the past.

The strongest concrete is easy if you know how to find it. Your sand, your cement, our Cor-Tuf UHPC.



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