Cor-Tuf UHPC Uses

Cor-Tuf UHPC is an ideal replacement for standard concrete in just about any and all applications. UHPC is particularly beneficial in the following applications of traditional concrete:

  • Precast pouring of larger and longer structural elements
  • Injection or extrusion techniques (molding)
  • Pre and post-tensioning components
  • Precast beams
  • Cast-in-place joints between precast beams
  • Precast deck panels
  • Cast-in-place joints and stud pockets of precast deck panels
  • Link slabs between adjacent spans
  • Precast parapets and side barriers
  • Precast inlets for stormwater management
  • Tilt-up construction
Innovative Applications

Some of the more innovative ways this new concrete technique is being applied include:

  • Construction of thinner sections for complex structural forms
  • Potential elimination of primary and /or secondary reinforcement
  • Off-site manufacturing
  • Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) – UHPC is ideal for the durable field-cast connections required in ABC.
  • Retrofit and modification projects – Cor-Tuf UHPC’s adhesive quality makes it ideal for repair and retrofitting of many structures, such as parking garage decks, bridge decks, spalled structural members, and building columns and walls.
  • Architectural design – UHPC allows for the precise replication of architectural details. It can be casted or molded to match any desired appearance, including masonry, wood siding, board & batted, and textured concrete. Period-specific designs and demands for surface texture, color, and shape are now possible.
  • Structures exposed to harsh elements – Structures such as pier foundations and bridges built over water that have foundations repeatedly exposed to salt water and moisture are ideal candidates for Cor-Tuf UHPC, given its moisture and chemical resistance and imperviousness to freeze and thaw cycles.